HandyMetrics and IPAC Canada have partnered to provide the IPAC Canada Audit Toolkit in electronic form for IPAC Canada Members in organizations involved with delivering healthcare.  The FREE tool will be launched at the IPAC Canada Conference May 27-30 in Banff, Alberta. 

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QIPAudit is cloud service that powers the electronic IPAC Canada Audit Toolkit. QIPAudit helps close the action gap and provide systematic accountability and transparency to organizations.

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HandyMetrics will be hosting a 45 minute focus group / workshop / tutorial / discussion session. 

Participants will be provided a hands-on opportunity to use the new tool, as well as the ability participate in a roundtable and help shape future directions. Participants  will also come away with an understanding of how to register and use the tool, as well as tips and suggestions for conducting audits. 

Workshop space is limited to a maximum of 50 participants. Registration open until April 30th, or seating is full.  

The Workshop will take place Monday, May 28th (5:15-6:00 pm) at the Max Bell Centre, Banff Centre. Exact location will be sent to registrants. Note: If you plan to go to Jon Otter's presentation and dinner at 6, not to worry: you will be able to attend this workshop and still make it to dinner. 


QIPAudit is a software cloud service that powers the electronic IPAC Canada Audit Toolkit. QIPAudit helps organizations to close the action gap and provide accountability and transparency to their quality improvement efforts. It provides peace of mind while preparing for accreditation and licensing.


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HandyMetrics Corporation


HandyMetrics Corporation is a health software services and technologies company that develops innovative infection control, hand hygiene and general facility auditing technologies for healthcare settings. The company has thousands of clients worldwide, supporting some of most prestigious hospitals using both HandyAudit and SpeedyAudit technologies.

We specialize in measurement and communication technologies for health-related monitoring. Our goal is to provide you with intelligent health measurement and analytics services to promote health and well-being in your facility. With QIPAudit, we are committed to helping to reduce your workload and increase your efficiency through automation.